Service Fee Description
Federal Tax Return $30 $40 if Both Taxpayer and Spouse have Taxable Income
State/Local Tax Return $30 Each
ITIN Application $20 Each
Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) $70*
Education Credit (Form 8863) $15  
Moving Expenses $15  
Child And Dependent Care Credit (Form 2441) $15  
Foreign Tax Credit (Form 1116) $15  
FBAR / FATCA $30 Each
Schedule C/Schedule E $50  
Stock Transactions ( Schedule D ) $15 $30 in case of Stock Options (ESPP)
Partnership/S corp/C corp Tax Filing $199 Federal and One State

Secure Yourself From Future Penalties:

UsTaxFiler® offers a protection against the penalties that may be charged by the tax agencies challenging the accuracy of tax returns filed through UsTaxFiler®,the first and only company to offer Accuracy Guarantee. Taxpayers are offered this protection for the Tax Year 2022 at NO additional fee ( i.e., FREE ) if the FEE PAYMENT for tax filing is completed by 31st January 2023 ( as per CST Time Zone )

Customers can avail this service by paying an additional fee of $50 from 1st February 2023 for the tax year 2022.

Note: If the taxpayer receives any letter/notice from the tax agency challenging the accuracy of tax return filed, a complete scanned copy of it shall be forwarded to us within 7 days from the notice date. UsTaxFiler® immediately act upon it and endeavor to resolve it at the client's favor. If UsTaxFiler® unable to resolve the issue at the client's contentment even after communication with the tax agencies and providing the information as required by the department, then the UsTaxFiler® will reimburse all the penalties levied by the tax agencies. The customer shall give an opportunity to UsTaxFiler to defend the case before the tax agencies and shall support by providing all the information requested.

Penalty Reimbursement Policy:

1. The above reimbursement policy applies to only penalties but not the interest, if any, charged by the tax agencies.

2. The penalties will be reimbursed only after providing a proof of payment to the tax agencies. The customer shall provide us a screen shot of the online bank account which enables us to complete the reimbursement.

3. The reimbursement can be made only if the Taxpayer provided all the relevant/accurate/complete information at the time of tax filing, if the information given to UsTaxFiler® for tax filing purposes was erroneous/incomplete/fraudulent, the company can only assist the customer in handling the letter received but not responsible for the accuracy/penalties levied.

4. The definition of Tax Agencies include Federal ( IRS ) and All State Tax Departments but not Local Tax Agencies such as Cities and/or Counties which may include school districts.

5. The customer shall provide all the necessary information that we request to help us evaluate the letter received from tax agencies.

6. According to the policy, the customers are eligible to claim Life Time Tax Audit Assistance by default.

US Taxfiler

UsTaxFiler is a dedicated US Tax Filing Company formed by professionals in the year 2009. We at UsTaxFiler offer a wide range of services to Salaried, Self-Employed & High Net worth Individuals and Small Business Enterprises with respect to filing of Income Tax returns in USA. As a practice, our firm hires experienced professionals to serve our clients which enable us to provide the highest quality of service available.

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