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Number of Successful Referees Amount of Bonus
1 - 10 Referrals $10 per successful referral
11 - 20 Referrals $30 per successful referral
More Than 20 Referrals $50 per successful referral
Note: The above chart is applicable to retail customers only.

Referral Bonus Policy:

  • The customer has a right to redeem the referral bonus at any time if the referral bonus reaches to $200.
  • The total Referral Bonus amount will get accumulated and be transferred to the bank account after 15th April only.
  • One must first register and then start referring the friends.
  • The referrer can track the list of referees, status of the referees and referral bonus earned etc., from his login account.
  • The referral bonus will be offered only upon receipt of payment from the referee.
  • The referral bonus scheme is applicable for those who are referred through Refer a Friend page and shall not be applicable for oral reference.
  • Bonus is calculated according to the chart above.
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UsTaxFiler is a dedicated US Tax Filing Company formed by professionals in the year 2009. We at UsTaxFiler offer a wide range of services to Salaried, Self-Employed & High Net worth Individuals and Small Business Enterprises with respect to filing of Income Tax returns in USA. As a practice, our firm hires experienced professionals to serve our clients which enable us to provide the highest quality of service available.

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